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The M.N.Eye Hospital was started in the year of 1986 by Dr.Madhivanan Natarajan and Dr.Chalini Madhivanan. North Chennai has a culturally & economically unique demographic profile with people hailing from Fisher man community. They belong to lower middle class and underprivileged class of economy.M.N.Eye hospital being the first Eye hospital in north Chennai, has the optimal opportunity of providing quality eye care to this section of needy people. M.N.Eye Hospital has all advanced equipments and trained Eye doctors and supporting staff. The Janaki Natarajan Vision Research & Visual Rehabilitation Charities is a registered body under Registration act on 8-1-1986.


Conducting Free Screening Camps in Chennai, Tiruvallur & Kancheepuram District. Conducting Free Eye Screening Camps in Government & Private Schools to detect & correct eye problem among the School going Children.

Our Process The working methods of JNVR & VRC

  1. If any death occurs in your neighborhood, help and assist them in whatever ways you can and call the nearest Eye Bank within 8 hours for giving vision to two persons to see the nature

Please feel free to call this eye donation number

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What We Do Eye Program

School Eye Care Programme

To detect early eye defects among the school going children. Early detection of childhood eye problems and treatment is essential to avoid any visual tragedy later on in life. M. N. Eye Hospital has been conducting School Eye Screening Program as a part of it’s community service for the past 35 years. We would like to associate with your esteemed school, to conduct a Comprehensive eye checkup for your students. In this program, we will screen the children for defective vision correctable by spectacles, squint, congenital problems and other eye disorders. Our team of Optometrists will visit your premises to screen your children. School teachers and staffs are also screened in this program. The Students who need further evaluation or glasses would be referred accordingly.

Corporate Eye Camp

This program helps to detect eye problems among the working people in work place. This program helps to the working people for periodical eye check with losing their salary. The program conducted as following places:

Government and Non Government offices


IT sector


Screening for the eye problem

State of the art surgical team and facility

Free food and accommodation for a day

Post OP care , medicine and dropping back

Special Children Screening

Our Government has done a lot for children’s education and health. However, there is a sect of children – The Differently abled, who don’t have access to mainstream health benefits due to their special needs. Such children suffer from many undiagnosed health problems, especially vision impairment. Due to their inability to communicate their visual complaints, and non-cooperation for evaluation, these special children require a different type of testing, which can be done only by a trained and dedicated team of eye care professionals.

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