Cornea Services

“vazhum kangal” eye bank associated with this department has a full team to collect donor eyes round the clock. The cornea department has facilities to process, evaluate and to preserve the cornea for transplant surgeries. So far we have operated more than 1000 corneal transplant surgeries with excellent results.

The Eye donation movement is still at a nascent stage in our country due to a lack of awareness, religious beliefs and taboos associated with organ donation. There is a growing backlog of patients who need eye transplant surgeries, and only if people are aware of this need, and consent to donate their eyes, can we begin to fight this crusade against corneal blindness.

Approximately 1.3 million people are blind due to corneal problems. There is a huge gap between the supply and demand of eyes. Donation of a pair of eyes from one donor can save the sight of up-to 4 people in the hands of expert corneal surgeons. Eye donation can be done by any person irrespective of their caste, religion or age.Spectacle wearers, Diabetic and Hypertensive patients or patients who have undergone simple eye surgeries (Cataract) can also donate.

After the death of the consenting donor, the eyes should be closed, the head kept raised and retrieval should be done within 6-8 hours by the doctor.

Let someone see through your eyes what you have seen your whole life, Let your eyes LIVE even after your DEATH.