Fellowship-Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Fellowship in “Comprehensive Ophthalmology”- at MN Eye Hospital Pvt Ltd, Chennai affiliated to Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University.

Fellowship: Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Duration: 1 year
Eligibility: MS/DO/DNB in Ophthalmology
Seats available: 2

The goal of the fellowship is to train the ophthalmologists in Medical and Surgical management of various eye disorders.
To have good practical knowledge of all high end investigative procedures like OCT, ERG, VEP, FFA, Topography etc…

Specialty covered:

  • Cataract, Glaucoma, Medical Retina, Cornea & Occuloplasty, Paediatric Ophthalmology and Refractive Procedures.

Practical Sessions:

  • Cataract surgery-wet lab training /ECCE/SICS/Phaco
  • All investigations & Laser Procedures
  • Anti Glaucoma and occuloplasty surgeries.

Fellowship: THE 1ST OF ITS KIND!

Duration: 12-18 months

Course Details:

Since cataract management has become a routine practice for all ophthalmologists, we provide good surgical training.

During the course, the fellows will be doing 100 SILS, 50 phaco emulsification and also learn to manage complication.

Along with mastering surgery they can choose a speciality of their interest:


Exposure to diagnosing various retinal condition in OPD under expert guidance.

Investigations: (Hands on)

  • Funds photography
  • OCT
  • Funds fluorescein angiography (FFA)

Procedure :

  • PRP, Alan Lucas intratibial injections
  • Assiting procedure like:
  • Anterion vitrectomy
  • pars plana vitrectomy
  • simple vitrectomy procedure


  • Indentifying and trating  emergencies such as acute angle closure attacks
  • Less induced glaucoma
  • Malignant glaucoma
  • Performing & interpreting
  • UBM
  • Gonioscopy
  • Applanation tonomerry
  • Visual fields,analysis

 Assisting procedures such as :

  • Trabeculecutomy
  • AGV shunt surgeries
  • Bleb remodeling surgeries
  • Individually performing:
  • Trabeculectomy
  • Trabeculectomy ê SICS / PHACO
  • Yag PI
  • SLT Laser

Exposure to control investigations i.e.,
1. kevatometry
2. corneal topography
3. As-OCT
4. A-L scan
5. LASK work up
Assisting  procedure like:

  • C3 R

Individual procedure like:

  • Therapeutic penetrating keatoplasty
  • Preparing donor cornea
  • Pterygium excision with glue

Exposure to identifying and trating ophthalmic condition in the community by attending various
To activity participate in health programmes to reduce prevalence of preventable cause of blindness in the society.
To screen and evaluate diabetic retinopathy,glaucoma,refractive errors among the population.      

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