Donate Eyes

Pledge your eyes

Do not bury or burn the eyes of your loved ones. These eyes can lighten up two lives and can make a lot of difference.

Facts about eye donation

  1. Eyes can be donated by people of all age groups.
  2. Except people suffering from infectious eye diseases and infectious systemic conditions eyes can be donated by everybody.
  3. Eyes after cataract surgery or Glaucoma Surgery can also be used for Eye Transplant
  4. At the time of eye donation, either front part of the eye that is cornea or whole eye ball is taken.
  5. Donated eye is preserved in a chemical preservative media till it is transplanted to the recipient.
  6. During eye transplant only front transparent part of the eye, that is cornea alone is transplanted and not the whole eye ball. This is possible only if the back part of the eye ie. The retinal optic nerve should be in good function.
  7. Various indications for eye transplant are
    -any opacity of cornea
    -injury to the cornea like perforation
    -severe infection of cornea

    Eye donation is not a taboo; neither is a social stigma.
  • All you have to do is to call the nearest branch of Vazhum Kangal Eye Bank for pledging your eyes or for eye collection after death of your loved ones.
  • When you pledge your eyes, you will be provided with a form to be filled in with your basic details. An ID card will be given to you, which you will carry with you or keep it with your loved ones.
  • In case of your demise, your loved ones can contact us.
  • Our team is ready 24 hours with qualified doctors and trained technicians to collect the eyes of the deceased within 6hrs.

Corneal Transplant


  • Eyes can be donated within six hours of death.
  • Keep a moist cotton over the eyes of the dead.
  • Keep the death certificate ready.
  • There is no disfigurement of face after eye donation.
  • Eye transplant surgery can be performed with cataract surgery.
To donate your eyes or in need of an eye implant

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