Community Services

To fulfill the obligation for the society M. N. Eye Hospital is instrumental in conducting free eye screening camps in and around Chennai through various programmes like Cataract Screening, School Eye Care and Vazhum Kangal Eye Bank since its inception in 1986. M. N. Eye Hospital is into all social outreach through its Janaki Natarajan Vision Research and Visual Rehabilitation charitable Trust.

School Eye Screening camps are conducted twice every week at schools all through the academic year for early detection of childhood eye problems. Early treatment is very essential to rectify or prevent the child from any hidden danger which otherwise may hinder them to shine in their studies and other activities. Screening school children mainly helps to identify children with refractive error for glass correction.

M. N. Eye Hospital screens more than 5000 school children every month under school eye screening camp program and has supplied free spectacles under Tamil Nadu Kanoli Kapittu Thitam and disposed spectacles at discounted rates to the school children who are not covered under this scheme. Parents have come forward to show their gratitude for indentifying their children with eye problem and treating them accordingly on time.

Vazhum Kangal Eye Bank, a unit of M. N. Eye Hospital Pvt. Ltd. also runs eye donation awareness program. It is explained how eye donated by the dead can continue to live in others. It is amazing to see today’s technology standard where four people gain sight out of two corneas that is donated. Many come forward to register their eyes on listening to these presentations. M. N. Eye Hospital had the pleasure in transplanting cornea in more than 200 patients successfully.

M. N. Eye Hospital also shows importance to educate the public through its various awareness programs regarding eye disorders and assure them of the availability of the latest diagnosis and treatment of the same.

Cataract Screening camps are conducted on a regular basis to reach the most under privileged people through DBCS, Voluntary Organisation and Philanthropist. Days were chosen to be on any special occasion and on any convenient days.

Some are fixed programmes like at Rathinagiri Rural Hospital situated near Velore where last Saturday of every month M. N. Eye Hospital send their doctors to perform cataract surgery to the most poor patients on an average covering more than 100 patients.

M. N. Eye Hospital conducts every year an Annual mega cataract camp at Melmaruvathur - Aathiparasakthi Chithar Peedam cared by Pangaru Adigalar. This camp is regularly conducted for past 15 years, where on an average they screen more than 5000 patients and conduct cataract IOL Implantation surgery on 1300 patients. On that day one can see nearly 20 dedicated doctors sacrificially serving these unreachable poor patients who are brought by the temple trust from near villages. It is a great sight to see 20 doctors doing surgeries simultaneously at 16 theatres and more than 30 M. N. Eye Hospital staffs working together actively in support to these doctors.

M. N. Eye Hospital usually reach with its team to any spot where they cataract screen under privileged and almost forsaken people and bring the identified patients by van to the base hospital for surgery. These people are given food, treated with compassionate care and dropped back after the surgery. These surgeries are done at free of cost out of true compassionate love of Dr. Madhivanan Natarajan & Dr.Chalini Madhivanan. For past 25yrs. M. N. Eye Hospital through its various programme has screened millions of people where thousands were operated and benefitted.